Finally restarting the Farm

Finally got time to get the systems cleaned up and running again.  This seasons crop might be interesting.  I am trying a number of new plants and I fully expect some of them to not grow well.  I know several of these will grow just fine based off of last […]

Home-hydro - Brian Ducote -- 2015-06-29.jpg


The Farm

The Farm is doing very well here are some of the larger plants that are just very happy.  I have been eating lettuce from the farm for weeks now and still have plenty left to harvest.  I have figured out that Chinese Celery should not be grown in the NFT […]

Quick update on the herb boxes

It has been a week or so since I posted about the herb boxes.  So time for an update they have been doing great!     This is the peppers and they are really starting to get big now.  I epxect that these will end up about 4 feet tall. […]



The farm is finally up and running!!

Finally got the plumbing done and water in the big tank.  The top has been painted at this point and the drain tubes have been trimmed to allow a better flow.  I had the tubes down in the water and found that the system sounded like it was gurgling or […]

Getting the boxes started.

Moved the seeds to the boxes. This box was supposed to be spinach but I had an unforeseen problem with my label system in the seed tray and I pretty much killed the spinach.  So this box is mostly Gypsy Peppers.   This is 4 cherry tomato plants.  Hoping they […]



We have Blueberry bushes!

The blueberry bushes are here!  They showed up in a box and naked as can be.  Supposed to have 3 different varieties of blueberry bush in here Duke, Blue crop, and Jersey.  However they have no labels so I have no idea what order they are planted in.  They also […]

Old school planting SUCKS!!!

It has been a few days now with constant digging and shoveling to get ready for when the blueberry bushes get here.  I have found so many large rocks, hard clay, and just bad soil it is not funny.  I would get the hole to the depth that I wanted […]



Decided to go old school and plant a few blueberry bushes.

So it all started with our neighbors going on vacation.  They have a bunch of blueberry plants and told us to go ahead and pick some while they were gone so they wouldn’t go to waste.  After harvesting almost 2 lbs. of blueberries off of half the plants my wife […]

It’s ALIVE!!! Well I hope it will be..

Decided to get The Farm up and running starting with getting the seeds in horticubes.  I have 3 levels and 2 trays on each level, each tray has 12 spots.   LevelFront or Back123456789101112 1FrontBok ChoyBok ChoyBok ChoyBok ChoyBok ChoyBok ChoyTom ThumbSummer BibbButtercrunchButtercrunchClassic RomaineDark Romaine1BackChinese CeleryChinese CeleryChinese CeleryChinese CeleryChinese CeleryChinese […]



The Invasion of the little green monsters!!!

Everything was growing, the plants were happy, then they showed up!!!  All of a sudden I had a full blown infestation of Aphids!!   This particular Aphid seemed to really love my  They ate every flower and budding leaf except for 3 flowers that had already started growing peppers.  In an […]

Round 2 for the herb boxes.

After the last big harvest I had 3 empty herb boxes and decided that It was time to get them back into use.  However I decided I was going to try and cheat a little.  The local Home Depot had some nice looking he plants that I thought I could […]



Harvest Time

I decided that the Thai Hot Pepper plants had gotten to big and it was time for them to DIE!  Well time to harvest them and repurpose the grow boxes.  I started the Thai Hot Peppers back in September of 2013.   The Pepper plants started blooming at the end […]